No Cuts, No Buts, No Coconuts

After going out with my friends last night and singing karaoke, I picture the core four doing the same at Tapper’s. I’ve wrangled up some headcanons for it: 

  • Felix is cripplingly shy when it comes to singing and won’t do so unless he’s literally dragged up to the microphone. Even then he’s extremely awkward and stalls a little before finally giving in. 
  • Vanellope is a shameless microphone hog and refuses to share, which usually results with someone having to yank the darn thing out of her hand while she glitches all over the place.
  • Ralph is tone deaf and kinda sings everything in monotone. 
  • Calhoun is ready to sing after a few root beers and tends to favor songs that somehow relate to overcoming a brutal past. 
  • Felix’s accent completely vanishes when he sings, and everyone just kinda…gapes. 
  • Vanellope always has to sing ‘I Want Candy’ at least once. 
  • Ralph absolutely refuses to let Vanellope sing any Ke$ha songs, just because he doesn’t approve (“You don’t even know what half those lyrics mean, kid!”).
  • Felix really wants so sing a love song duet with Tammy, but he knows that’s not happening any time soon.
  • Ralph fudges up lyrics a lot and just kinda goes with it. 
  • Zangief somehow shows up and sings ‘I’m Too Sexy’, much to everyone’s dismay.