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Outbreak: Chapter 26

Oh my gosh, you guys! This is the SECOND TO THE LAST CHAPTER!! :DD Can you even believe it?? After this there’s just one part left - one final part to wrap up the madness of the worst virus Litwack’s Arcade has ever seen. So here we go! 

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The best part of my day, is when the Nicelanders throw me off the roof. Because when they lift me up, I get a perfect view of Sugar Rush, and I can watch Venellope racing. The kid’s a natural, and the players love her, glitches and all, just like I knew they would.


//suddenly remembers how fucking inCREDIBLE WRECK IT RALPH IS

Anonymous said: *incoherent screeching* not to mention his cereal fetish ;)

OMGGGG!! That too. XDDD

Anonymous said: oh my goodness I just did a little dance around my room you have no idea how happy that makes me :'D tbh you could probably write Tamora's shopping list or something and I'd still read it and love it <3

Hehehe! Tamora totally strikes me as the type of person who finds all forms of shopping - including grocery shopping - really annoying. She’s all about getting in and getting out in record speed. 

Unfortunately, her adorable fiancé writes THE. LONGEST. shopping lists in the world, and it takes her foreverrrrr. Plus, there’s a couple of things on the list that has her freezing in the middle of the aisle and face-palming. 

"…Capri Sun: Mountain Cooler? Really, Felix?”

You’d think she would have come to terms with dating a man-child sooner. XD

Anonymous said: I rewatched WiR the other day and found myself rereading your Hero's Cuties AU and I'm just wondering if you're ever planning on going back to it? I just love it so much <3

Thank you, sweetie! That means a lot. ; u ; <3

It’s an extremely slow process, but I’m in the process of writing some more stuff. I’m currently working on finishing Felix’s bachelor party~ C:

Outbreak: Chapter 25

koko-sweet said: I will. I bet one day, you should come to Los Angeles next year for Anime Expo 2015. You will really love it and there is a lot of awesome cosplayers.

Anime Expo is my DREAM anime convention! I live all the way in Florida, so it would cost a whole lot to attend. >__<;; Even so! It’s on my convention bucket list~

Chapter 25 of Outbreak will be up shortly! :D 

Anonymous said: In your wonderful hero's cuties AU, which state do Felix and Tammy live in? Do you have a particular one in mind or is it up to the reader to decide? It's just something I've always wondered ^.^

My wonderful hero’s cuties AU, d’awwww. <333333

The state is totally up for the reader to decide! :D Felix’s dad lives in Georgia (where Felix is originally from). Aside from that concrete fact, it’s completely open for interpretation~